Dehydrated Fruit, Vegetable and Herbal

We are supplier and exporter of all type of dehydrated fruit, vegetable and herbal products. We specialize in supply 100% natural, tasty & nutritive dehydrated products with on additives. Our products range Include:
Dehy. White Onion Powder / Minced / Kibbled / chopped / Granules
white onions
We offer dehydrated white onion products like white onion powder, white onion flakes / kibbled, white onion chopped, white onion Granules & white onion minced. Which is used in varied food preparation such as dry soups, sauces, vegetable mixed, fast foods, restaurant, hotel etc. Our dehydrated white onion products have same flavor & taste as the fresh white onion.
Dehy. Red Onion Powder / Minced / Kibbled / Chopped / Granules
We offer dehydrated Red onion products like red onion powder, red onion flakes / kibbled, red onion chopped, red onion Granules & red onion minced. Which is used in varied food preparation such as dry soups, sauces, vegetable mixed, fast foods, restaurant, hotel etc. Our dehydrated red onion products have same flavor & taste as the fresh red onion.
Dehy. Pink Onion Powder / Minced / Kibbled / Chopped / Granules
pink onion
We offer dehydrated Pink onion products like pink onion powder, pink onion flakes / kibbled, pink onion chopped, pink onion Granules & pink onion minced. Which is used in varied food preparation such as dry soups, sauces, vegetable mixed, fast foods, restaurant, hotel etc. Our dehydrated pink onion products have same flavor & taste as the fresh pink onion.
Dehy. Garlic Powder / Flakes / Chopped / Minced / Granules
We offer dehydrated Garlic products like garlic powder, garlic flakes, garlic chopped, garlic minced and garlic granules. They commonly used as a flavoring agents in various kinds of food stuffs.
Dehy. Potato Powder / Flakes / Cubes
We supply dehydrated potato products like potato powder, potato flakes and potato cubes. This is used in various bakery preparations such as breads, waffles, pancakes, sauces, gravies and soups etc.
Dehy. Carrot Powder / Flakes / Cubes
We supply dehydrated carrot products like carrot powder, carrot flakes & carrot cubes. Which is used in varied food preparation such as dry soups, sauces, vegetable mixed, fast foods, restaurant, hotel etc.
Dehy. Cabbage Powder / Flakes
We offer dehydrated cabbage products like cabbage flakes and cabbage powder. Which is used in various food preparation such as soups, Chinese, fast food, restaurant, hotel etc. Our dehydrated cabbage products taste as the fresh cabbage.
Dehy. Green Chili Powder / Flakes
Green Chili Flakes
The Dried Green Chili Powder and flakes offered by us is widely demanded at the domestic fronts due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable freshness. Our range of green chilly is used with oil, in sauce and vegetables to add a special spice to the food. Additionally, Green Chili Powder and flakes are also packed in conventional packs to ensure protection of the spice from external environmental conditions.
Dehy. Ginger Powder / Flakes
The Dried Ginger Powder and flake are widely appreciated in the market due to its medicinal use as carminative and stimulant. It is also used as an ingredient in the formulation of various medicines. Furthermore, this is delicately grounded ginger powder and a flake enhances the taste of the food item giving it a delicious & natural taste and aroma.
Dehy. Bitter Gourd (Karela) Powder / Flakes
Bitter Gourd
We offer dehydrated bitter gourd (Karela) Powder and flakes. It is seasonal vegetable and very bitter in taste. Bitter gourd contains vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. It also contains minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron, copper and potassium. Bitter Gourd Used for the cure of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, leucorrhoea, haundice, liver trouble, stomach worms, piles, constipation, etc.
Dehy. Sweet Neem (Curry) Powder / Leaves
sweet_curry_leaves We are bulk suppliers and exporters of dehydrated curry leaves and powder finding application in food and culinary industry. These leaves and powder are carefully packed to ensure they retain taste and aroma.
Dehy. Neem leaves / Powder
We also supply dehydrated Neem Leaf & Powder, which is a well known name in the Indian market. These leaves and powder are supplied in dry form and are effective against various skin disorder and medicinal treatments. We make sure that Neem Leaves & Powder are dried in optimum temperature and we ensure that their quality is preserved. Further, high quality packaging material is used so that the quality of product doesn't get deprived.
Dehy. Mint Powder / Leaves
We are a well known exporter & supplier of Dehydrated Mint Leaves & Powder. Also known as Pudina in India, these leaves have a fresh aroma and sweet flavor with a cool after taste. Owing to their warm fresh aroma, these are widely used in making mouth fresheners and tablets. Furthermore, these are also used in a variety of dishes, including vegetable curries, chutneys, desserts, soups and juices.
Dehy. Coriander Powder / Leaves
We are India's leading supplier & exporter of Dehydrated Coriander leaves and Powder. The unmatched quality and unsurpassable freshness of the Coriander leaves and Powder have attracted customers from various regions of India. The aroma and taste has also made the Dry Coriander leaves and Powder ideal for the preparation of various cuisines.
Dehy. Tomato Powder / Flakes
Clients can easily avail from us Dehydrated Tomato Flakes and Powder of supreme quality and that too at reasonable prices. The natural and pleasing color and tempting flavor of Dehydrated Tomato flakes and Powder offered by us makes the buyers to place repeated orders in the company for availing it.
Dehy. Kasturi Methi Powder / Leaves
Dried Fenugreek Leaves and powder, popularly known as Kasuri Methi, has a faintly bitter taste. These leaves & Powder are one of the most important ingredients in distinct dishes for a typical taste and flavor that is liked by all. Widely used in curries, Kasuri Methi imparts a rich aromatic odor and exotic flavor in distinct dishes. Apart from imparting exotic aroma in the food items, Kasuri Methi has many beneficial properties.
Dehy. Tamarind Powder
Avail from us fine quality Tamarind Powder that helps in enhancing taste and flavor in different types of dishes. Our offered product is processed using quality tamarind and we do not use any kind of preservatives, color and odor.
Dehy. Raw Mango Powder (Amchur Powder)
We offer quality range of Amchur Powders. These are processed using unripe mangoes, which are dried and grinded into powder form. Our range of amchur powder is widely demanded in the market for adding sour and pungent aroma to various Indian cuisines.
Dehy. Spinach Powder
We are one of the well-established Supplier and Exporter of Dehydrated Spinach Powder. There are various health benefits of spinach powder and we offered it at market's leading prices.
Dehy. Red Beet Powder / Flakes
We are an India's Leading Supplier and exporter of Dehydrated Red beet Powder and Flakes. These are widely uses Salad Dressing, Health products, Chutneys Indian Curries, Baby foods etc.
Dehy. Wheat Grass Powder
Wheatgrass is a Perfect food that overcomes nutritional deficiencies & is rich in enzymes. It is a gold mine of Vitamins and minerals. It is said to be an excellent blood tonic which helps in blood purification & to balance hemoglobin count. Wheatgrass is the best available source for living chlorophyll offering high level of energy. It is considered as a natural anti-oxidant & health rejuvenating product. It is believed to be highly effective for weight loss and weight gain.
Dehy. Barley Grass Powder
A nutritional powerhouse Barley Grass (Hordeum vulgare) is one of the few forms of vegetation on earth that can provide you sole nutritional support from cradle to grave. Barley grass has been used by humans for thousands of years; the ancient Egyptians the Romans and the Vikings all used it while Columbus carried it to the Americas in 1493. The reason young barley grass is so beneficial because of its incredible range of nutrients. Easily absorbed by the human body, it contains an amazing combination of nutrients including carbohydrates proteins lipids vitamins minerals and chlorophyll.
Dehy. Alfalfa Powder
Alfalfa's (Medicago sativa) deep root system pulls valuable minerals from the soil. With aid of sun light nutrients including beta carotene and chlorophyll are made available to the body in a usable form.
Freeze Dried Fruit Vegetable Powder
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